Data research

Extensive research on your Slovenian genealogy. We will visit archives, churches, parish offices, libraries, municipal offices and other institutions to gather as many pieces of information on your ancestors as possible.

Analysis of documents

We will carefully study the obtained documents, the ones supplied by our clients and the ones we found on our own.

Ancestry Guide

We will organize one or more trips with Slovenian ancestry guide . We will research all the clues and traces leading to your ancestral place of origin; on the road, our professional guide will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the region we will be visiting, and about Slovenia in general.

Video and Photo

A professional photographer and cameraman joining us on our family search trip. He will capture the memories of the reunion with your lost family, document the houses and other objects you will discover.

Guided tours in the region

We can provide for you professional guided tours around our region: Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia... We can prepare a tailored trip just for you or find a regular tour that you can join.

How it is done

Provide us with different types of information; sometimes we only get the name of the deceased ancestor who left Slovenia hundreds of years ago, sometimes our clients have done their homework on their Slovenian genealogy and have the family tree of their family with the location where they were living. In any case, we can help you on your trip to your ancestral lands.

There are a few steps that lead to happy family reunion:

Step 1: Send us all the documents you have

You should provide us with as much information as possible: old documents, Ellis Island records (or records from other sources), family tree, even old photographs can be useful. Most of these records will come from the country where you currently live. In the next step, we will gather Slovenian genealogy information in Slovenia.

Step 2:
Gathering information (in Slovenia)

Here we have two possibilities: we either do the research for you, or we help you in doing the research on your own. On your own: When you let us know the date of your arrival, we will organize visits to local archives, public records, church archives and other places where you will be able to dig into books and/or electronic archives. We can help you acting as translators and guides through your detective work. This step usually takes 1 to 3 days, depending on the amount of information we have gathered previously. We do the research: In this case, we do the research before you arrive in Slovenia, visiting all the archives that could give us information about your family. When you arrive, we will already have all the data and can start visiting the locations straight away.

Step 3: Fieldwork

This is probably the most important, cheerful, emotionally charged and exciting part of our journey. Here we go on a real detective trip. Usually, we find a lot of new information from the locals we meet on our way. And with these new data, we get closer and closer to our goal. We will visit the area where your ancestors came from, we will try the local food, we can even enter the house where they lived (if it is still standing of course); we will visit the cemeteries where your ancestors are buried and we will visit the local church where your ancestors prayed, got married, and baptized their children. The people we will meet along the way are usually very friendly, but in general, they do not speak much English so we can help you with translations. We can provide transportation and a driver/guide so that everything will run smoothly.